Ammico is a leading specialist geotechnical and marine works contracting company having more than forty-eight years international experience with the GCC region as the focus of its activities since Year 2014. Ammico has established unmatched reputation for speedy and timely execution of major foundation engineering projects to world class quality and safety standards.


Foundation Engineering

Ammico has executed some of the most challenging foundation engineering projects in the GCC region involving installation of piles to depths exceeding 75m in extremely hard basalts and granites, has emerged as a leader in diaphragm wall installation works, has installed ground anchors for earth retention having lengths of up to 55m and proof loads in excess of 380 Tons (which are possibly the longest and highest capacity anchors installed anywhere for earth retention), and has developed significant expertise in various other disciplines in the field of foundation engineering.


Marine Works

Ammico has decades of experience in installation of piles for marine structures and for bridges over rivers and canals. In year 2015 Ammico establsihed its full fledged Marine Divsion and has since executed a nuber of important marine projects involving construction of jetties, marine piling, sheet piling, dredging, shore protection and construction of breakwaters.
Ammico owns significant marine plant including jack up and spud bargers and tugs along with a number of impact and vibro hammers and RCD and hydraulic rotary rigs specially suited to marine piling.


Ground Improvement

As a leading foundation engineering contractor, Ammico is always evaluating alternate strategies and performing value engineering which may be beneficial to a particular project.
Ammico can provide an economical solution for any given soil type for which Ground Improvement is needed. The solution can address any or all of the following:

  • Increase the Bearing Capacity
  • Reduce the settlement
  • Mitigate liquefaction potential